27 September 2008

Late Summer Sun

Here's my little boy having fun and just being a typical 6 year old on a late Summer evening... I have to wonder.... will it ever be fall?

23 September 2008

Little M

I can't believe how big baby M has gotten! I'm so happy his mom let me get some 2 month shots of him... what a cutie...

15 September 2008

Gorgeous fall day

I really love this time of year.. the cool crisp air.. the soft hazy evening light..... I took my daughter out for a walk in the country.. I really wanted to capture her fun age and personality.. we had so much fun :)

05 September 2008

Pretty in Pink

These girls were so fun and girlie... thanks for letting me borrow them "A" :)

2 years old

You're getting so big "baby" Ethan... you sure did have a great time in this sunflower field!